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Deer Lovers Paradise                                12-3-18

Check out my newest painting!  It is a Landscape of a cabin in the woods surrounded by water and deer.  It was fun to paint again.  Its been a while, but sometimes you have to take a break just to really appreciate your work.  I do think this is my greatest work so far.  Check it out! 
Wedding Preparations                      4/18/18

I've been preparing for my daughter's upcoming wedding.  Sorry I haven't written on here in a while, but preparing for a wedding can be overwhelming.  I have done a few paintings lately but they have been to do with the wedding.  I created a painting for remembrance of my daughter's future father-in-law that has recently passed on.  I think it is important to remember ones we love that have passed on from this life.  I never met his dad but I know he made a huge impression on him.  It is of roses that are lavendar and light blue.  I haven't seen any real roses of this color, but remember paintings can express our desires, wishes and imagination of what is.
 Lets talk Impressionism               1/20/2018

One of the great impressionist was Camille Pissarro.  Pissarro was born in Saint Thomas Virgin Islands on July 10, 1830.  His father was Jewish French and his mother was creole.  He began his painting at the Swiss Academy painting nudes with Gleyre and later met painters such as: Monet in 1859, Guillaumin and Cezanne.
Then he continued painting on the countryside of Paris, France, painting near the edges of the Seine, Oise and Marne rivers. 
These great Impressionist painters have inspired some of my works and I hope to paint as well as them.  See Monet's Woman with a Parasol below.  -Study of a figure outdoors
Painting Out of Comfort Zone                         1/17/2018

Painting doesn't always have to be perfect.  Most painters know that abstract painting can be quite liberating.  The sky don't always appear perfectly blue.  Grass isn't always cut perfect with a perfect color or shade of green. Painting can be whatever the artist perspective is.  It is hard for me to get out of my comfort zone and paint a sky pink and purple, although I have seen a sky pink and purple before.  I guess it is something I must work on: Painting out of my comfort zone.  Check out my Night Sail Painting. #painting #abstract #folkart

Painting by Layers                                  12/21/2018

Most don't realize that painting a piece of artwork usually takes a few days.  Even if an artist painted all day, they still would have to give their art time to dry.  It is very necessary in paintings to
allow for the oil paint to dry for a given layer, it is helpful to work with explicit painting layers. The first layer may be a ground, usually applied all over the surface. Then an underdrawing in outline may follow. Then layers over layers give paintings character and depth. #painting

Giving Thanks!                     11/27/2017

Just want to take this time to thank each and every one of you for visiting my site, reading my blog and sharing your art with me. My page is starting to get a little overloaded, so I have decided to reduce some of my paintings prices.  These are my first paintings and they mean a great deal to me, so you will surely be getting a great piece of work. Thanks Again!  Happy Thanksgiving.

Don't be Afraid to Try New Things   11/22/2017

One thing that I have never been afraid of is trying new things. Whether it is a job, activity or hobby, I believe trying new things gives you confidence and joy.  Lately I've tried different types of paintings such as my "Thoughts of the Beach" painting.  The Art Sherpa inspired and gave tips on how to paint this painting with colors I would not have otherwise tried.  Purples on the beach brings out beauty and depth.  You must try something new in life and you will have joy and more confidence than you would have had if you hadn't. 

Not enough Instruction       10/20/2017

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  Anyway, you will be amazed at how much you can learn by taking just one class of art.  One change of color or one different paint brush can alter a painting so drastically.  Learning how to add shadows to my paintings is what I am working on now.  Shadowing can add depth, add form of the object, anchor subject to a page, create a visual connection among images, or frame an area of emphasis.  So to me, one can never have enough instruction in any form of artwork. #artwork

Mood Reflects Paintings             9/30/2017

My last piece was of a stormy night.  I know sometimes your mood and attitude can come out in your artwork.  If you are feeling blue, you might paint a stormy night.  If you are in a good mood, you might paiting a bright sunshine with rays reflecting on the leaves.  Your state of mind can inspire some great pieces of art too.  Whatever your mood, I say keep on painting, because someone just might love your piece. #art

Wisdom Comes With Age                   9/24/2017

I used to think my family was crazy when I was younger.  I didn't realize the wisdom they had about pretty much everything.  When we are young, we think we know everything.  We think we don't need any advice from anyone, especially our parents.  Now that I am older, I realize that wisdom truly does come with age.  A person who is 45 has lived 45 years and has been through so much more than a person who is 25 years old.  They have seen things that a younger person hasn't.  They have had experiences that only comes from age.  So if you are a teenage, it is okay to listen to your elders.  It is okay to get some advice, because more than likely they will not steer you the wrong way.  One of my paintings was of a Farm with a cow and duck.  It is primitive looking but it brings back the simple days when people grew their own foods and milked their own cows.  Times were harder back then, which brought on much more experiences.  It make people stronger, reliable and more respectful.  Those were simpler days when people sat on the porch and enjoyed the peace and quite.  So I hope this painting inspires you to try to respect the simple things in life. Painting can be found here.

What inspires You?                               9/20/2017

When I was younger I might have had a different story to tell, because lots has changed since then.  Now being much older and somewhat wiser, I see how others can inspire you.  When you look at someone helping their neighbor rebuild their homes or someone helping an elderly lady across the street, I see compassion.  I see love of people and kindness.  Now if you ask me about my art, what inspires me?  It is somewhat the same.  Love of art, love of nature, love of people inspires me.  I beauty beauty all around me.  Whether it is a beautiful bird,  or a lovely sunset shining forth rays of sunshine, I see God's creation.  He created great beauty around us.  Look at a person's features.  Even the hands have intricate lines and different shades of pigment.  Can you see God's artwork all around us?

What is Beautiful                  9/16/2016

Lets be Honest!  Sometimes you look at a piece of art and think, what was the artist thinking.  No one wants to see that!  I guess Art to some is different to others.  An Artist may think they created the most beautiful piece of work in their lives, but to others they wonder what were they thinking.  Today I seen a painting that I wish I hadn't seen. I can't judge it because perhaps someone asked them to paint it.  Perhaps it was someone they knew.  Perhaps it was in their dreams and they just had to paint it, to get it out of their minds.  Anyway, Art is beautiful to whoever loves it.  So let me know what you think. 

Started a New Blog for Artist      9/10/2017                  

I decided to start a new blog for new artist. Those who want to learn to paint, or those needing a few tips to improve their works. I created it so I could inspire others to create works of art; whether painting, drawing, illustrating, or photography. One can go their to read about new artist through our artist interview page. I love to paint and I want to help others who may be just starting and eagar to learn how to improve. Feel free to check out "The Artifact".

Ready for the Holidays                                               9/5/2017

With the cooler weather, I am ready for the Holidays to come.  Eating Thanksgiving with the Family, opening presents at Christmas.  The holidays to me are a time of reflection.  A time to be thankful for what the Lord has blessed us with;  our family, our friends, our jobs, our homes.  He has given us a place to live; a place to work; a place to worship.  Some have lost their homes and possessions this past week, but they have not lost their faith and thankfulness.  They are truly appreciate for what they haven't lost, which shows their true heart.  A heart of grace and love for what really matters in life.

About Tracy

Hi! my name is Tracy and I'm an Artist based out of Alabama. Check out my art work on this website. It is all original work! You can find some abstract paintings, some landscape paintings, some still-Life artwork, and more to come. I love anything related to art.  I love to create.  I have written poetry, did landscapes, abstract paintings, etc...  So you never know what all may appear on this site.  Inspiring others to enjoy art as well.

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Hello Everyone!                                8/10/2017

I've recently opened this website so others could enjoy my works of art and as a way to purchase these original paintings by me.

I've added some paintings, which are available for purchase direct through different cards or paypal! 

I've always loved anything related to art; whether sculptures, paintings, collectibles, etc... Check out this website as see some of my Artwork of Abstract, Landscapes, or Still life. Most of my artwork is done in
Acrylic paint but more to come later.

Shop around and hope you enjoy your visit.

Today has been exciting but busy!                   8/12/2013          
I'm Looking for ideas for my next paintings. Any suggestions just send me a reply.  I look forward to hearing from you all.

I've been busy but still painting.                 8/14/2017      
It is so calming and relaxing to paint.  I suggest if you've never tried it, give it a try.  You can escape by riding a sailboat in the lovely quiet river that flows by the mountains, or attending church in the forest by a beautiful brook. The great thing about painting is you can decide where-ever you want to go.  There is no limitations! All you have to do is paint it.  That is why my artwork is of different places.  I love Europe so I try to imagine what it would be like in Italy or on the streets of Paris.  Come join me on my little adventures.

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The Joy of Painting                                         8/19/2017

When you are having a bad day or in a depressed mood, painting has a way of cheering you up.  Today was suppose to be a day of spending time with my family, but something always gets in the way.  Sometimes things can't be helped and the day seems to spiral downward.  Well, painting has a way of lifting me up when I'm feeling low.  I was able to complete two painting this weekend. I guess you can say that I escaped to Paris for a mini-break.  Check out my Old Paris abstract.  It's something out of the ordinary but something I quite enjoyed making. 

Artist Getaway                                                       8/26/2017

Today I was able to complete a piece of art of a London getaway.  It was an abstract piece of what I would assume me in years of old.  I imagine walking through a flower garden seeing the London bridge in the background and the old red phone booth that still appears on their streets.  Can't forget my faith dog walking beside me.  Come join me on my adventures and see my artwork on this site.      Click here to see my art.

Beauty Around Us                                                        8/27/2017

Look around at the beauty that God has created for mankind. Look at the beautiful landscapes, magnificent waterfalls, artistic patterns of creation, and lovely sounds of nature.  We truly have not seen all of the majestic works of the Lord.  I remember a few years ago going to the Grand Canyon.  My father had wanted to go and so we flew in to Las Vegas and traveled by car to the Grand Canyon.  I imagined seeing just a huge hole in the ground.  Instead I experienced something quite magnificient.  The Canyon stretched over 60 miles one way.  It was snowing that day, so I saw every color in the rainbow upon the rock formations of the Canyon.  From the beautiful misty clouds above, then the blueness of the clouds, and then the Canyon had rocks of green, red, orange, yellow.  Last of all  the ground was covered in snow.  I thought it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever experienced. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you go.  You won't be disappointed.  Allow time to hike or take a scenic view by helicopter. So I tell you this so you will take time to experience God's artwork. 

America- Land of Compassion                         9/1/2017

Since Hurricane harvey dumped several inches of rain upon Houston, TX and surrounding cities, I have seen a land full of compassionate neighbors.  These are people all over the great land of America that are coming to help aid the people who have lost their homes and possessions to the flood waters from Hurricane Harvey.  Check out my America Abstract Painting that was inspired by watching people helping their fellow Americans.  Love doesn't see color, race, or political view.  Love sees someone in need and runs to help them with all they have.  That what I have seen in our American neighbors.  Thanks! America!  Land of the Free. 

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