Commissioned Work

I will do commissioned paintings for those who would like something special; such as a reproduction of their childrens portrait, a special landscape, etc...  Send me a message on my contact page of what you would like done, make sure to leave your email.  I will send you an email with an amount that it will take to do the work.  If both parties agree on the work and cost, than I will begin the painting.  If you change your mind before the painting is completed, just send me an email. Payment must be made before shipment.  You can either send payment through paypal or money order.  If you want to send a check, the check will be cashed before the painting is shipped. 

If I do not think I will do the work justice, than I have a right to refuse service.  I will let you know before payment is made. 

Cost depends on the amount of work and time it will take to complete the work.  I will negotiate some! 

Shipping is a different story.  I will let you know if shipping is included or not.  Paintings shipped internationally will cost a lot to ship and will not be included in price. When I ship the painting, I will insure the painting, but can not promise the work will not be damaged in shippping.  If that is the case, I will refund the cost or redo the work, depending on if you want it done again. If you receive the painting and it is damaged, then ship back to me and let me know it has been damaged and I will refund the money, or start the painting again.  Use this comment page to start the process.  Or you may use the comment page just to ask me a question. I will return comments as soon as possible.